Dr. Emmett and guide Lu Ze , Harbin, China January 2016

Journalist and teacher Arielle Emmett in a winter’s adventure at The International Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival, Harbin, China.

Read Arielle Emmett’s impressions of the undiscovered Harbin, its architecture, history, and culinary surprises. The Manchurian city averages -13 °C (8 °F)  to -25 °C (-13 °F) in the winter months. Yet Harbin is the seat of remarkable culture, art, new museums, shopping, and lively waterfront life.

Arielle Emmett, Ph.D., is an internationally published journalist, editor and teacher. Her expertise includes online media, photography, and strategic communication. She writes about technology, science, and Asia.

“A chameleon would be jealous… Arielle Emmett can research any subject, photograph and write about it as if she’s been an expert her whole life.”

— Judson Wambold, Esq., Founder, Tactix Real Estate Advisors, LLC

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