Butterfly Dream (writer)

We see the startled look of an American dancer, THEA ( in Chinese. meaning ‘Western Girl)’ performing Chinese revolutionary ballet.

Visual Communications

The Girl With The Four Lipsticks

She was an American co-ed whose almond eyes and painted lips zipped across the pages Harper’s Bazaar in August 1940, long before the era of Photoshop.

Surrender the Pink

“Welcome to Voice Print Identification.” The silky computer voice that sounded like a cocktail hostess circa 1968 ushered in a new era of thinking about biometric authentication. By Arielle Emmett…

The Human Genome

The Scientist 14[15]:1, Jul. 24, 2000 The Human Genome Armed with a working draft, scientist, ponder the meaning of all 23 human chromosome pairs and more

‘Remains of the Grains’ — Dynasty dolls in Xian are all faces in the dust, reminding me of what I should leave behind in my own afterlife

Bin Ma Yong, a Terra Cotta Warrior, Tomb #3. Photo by Arielle Emmett (c) Arielle Emmett *No photos or text reproduced without permission. In Xian yesterday I made a clean…

To Lijiang on the Road to Tibet

  On the outskirts of Lijiang, Yunnan Province, Wu Ka Meng “reads” the  Naxi pictographs outside Da Baoji temple May 31, 2012, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China: When we boarded the…