Tae-Jun Kang, a student reporter from University of Hong Kong stands with demonstrator during 2013 HKTV protests. Photo by Arielle Emmett © Arielle Emmett 2013

Dr. Arielle Emmett has been a professional journalist since beginning her career as a Taiwan correspondent for Newsweek in the 1970s. Her articles have appeared in dozens of magazines and journals, including Caixin (Beijing), The Asia MagazineAmerican Journalism Review, Los Angeles Times Book Review, Smithsonian Air & Space, The Village Voice, The New York Times, Boston Globe, Toronto Globe & Mail, Detroit Free Press, Philadelphia Inquirer, Ms., OMNI, Parents., Saturday Review,  Computer World, and Visual Communication Quarterly.

HKTV protests –a pro-Hong Kong government rally. Photo by Arielle Emmett © Arielle Emmett 2013

Just out of university, Arielle was tapped as a The New York Times intern for columnist William Safire and spent a summer in Washington, D.C. researching and writing about medical ethics and Chinese politics. Emmett later studied advanced Mandarin Chinese at National Taiwan Normal University in Taiwan while serving as a Newsweek stringer. She wrote for Orientations, Asia Magazine, and East Asian News and Features. Later she went to New York as an editor for Science Digest.  Emmett then became a reporter for The Detroit Free Press and a contributing writer for The Scientist.

In recent years, she has written for Caixin English in Beijing, China.  At University of Hong Kong Journalism & Media Studies Centre, she directed graduate student coverage of many political and human interest stories in Hong Kong, including the Hong Kong television (HKTV) protests in 2013, a precursor to the democracy demonstrations that followed in the fall of 2014.  Several of her students have gone on to major media outlets in Hong Kong and worldwide.